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Bavaria Orginal 0,0% 330ml Gler

frá Bavaria
159 kr

Láta vita þegar vara kemur aftur á lager

A 100% non-alcoholic beer that undergoes an exceptional brewing process and has an authentic and unmistakable beer character. The natural sweetness of the grain beautifully balances the bitter tones of the beer. A clear hop flavour, a beer with a full body. Bavaria 0.0% has a strong bite in its aftertaste, without alcohol. Brewed with the best natural ingredients and natural mineral water from Bavaria's own spring.

TYPE: Non-alcoholic beer
FERMENTATION: Cannot be specified due to unique brewing process
AROMA: Beer, malt and hop
FLAVOUR: Distinct beer flavour, grain, lightly sweet
COLOUR: Light-coloured, EBC: 6-9
BEST SERVED WITH: Deep-fried snacks, such as Calamari (squid rings in beer batter), young cheeses, Asian dishes, charcoal grilled meats and spicy meat dishes